At Neomanex, we specialize in guiding families and professionals to new horizons, offering personalized relocation and consulting services that open doors to culturally enriching, financially sustainable, and fulfilling lifestyles across the globe..

Global Consultancy
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Our Services

We are dedicated to providing unparalleled on-site agent services with a commitment to discretion, efficiency, and excellence. Our mission is to simplify the lives of our clients by handling a wide array of tasks with utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Liaison Services

Acting as Your Local Point of Contact with Businesses and Government Offices.

Errand Running

Efficient Completion of Personal and Business Errands, Saving You Time and Hassle.

Local Purchasing

Procurement of Local Goods, with Inspection and Shipment Arrangements.

Quality Control

Thorough Quality Checks to Ensure Products and Services Meet Your Standards.

Personal Assistant Duties

Handling Diverse Personal Assistant Tasks, from Scheduling to Organizing.

Custom Requests

Adapting to a Variety of Unique Tasks as Per Your Specific Requirements.

Travel Coordination

We handle all bookings and logistics, tailored to your preferences, for a seamless, personalized journey.

Seamless Relocation Services

Effortless relocation from start to finish, covering all your moving needs for a hassle-free transition.

Property Viewings

Expert Inspection and Reporting on Properties Tailored to Your Specifications.

Document Handling

Secure and Confidential Delivery and Collection of Important Documents.

Meeting Representation

Professional Attendance and Reporting at Meetings on Your Behalf.

Market Research

In-Depth Local Market Analysis and Reporting, Directly from the Source.